• Autofy TOCSIN Indicator Flasher With 6 Months Warranty For KTM Bikes

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    • Made for All KTM bikes (Except Duke 125 & Duke 200 2019 Model)
    • 6 Months Warranty on Flasher
    • Plug & Play installation – 40 Patterns
    • Zero battery drain – Current: 20mA, Output/Load: 15W, Operating Voltage: 12V
    • Auto Cut feature, Pattern Save Memory, Short circuit protected
    • Autofy TOCSIN is handcrafted for all KTM bikes (Except DUKE 125 & DUKE 200 2019 Model). It’s a premium product for tough riders who are willing to explore roads with their KTM 200 Duke, KTM 390 Duke, KTM RC 200, KTM 250 Duke, KTM RC 390, KTM 790 Duke, KTM 390 Adventure, KTM 1050 Adventure etc.
    • Plug & Play installation

      Autofy never compromises on quality. TOCSIN is fitted with genuine coupler that gets directly plugged into your KTM, hence the installation gets less time consuming and super easy without wire cutting or slicing. Yes, TOCSIN is Plug and Play for your machine.

      40 Different Patterns

      TOCSIN flashes in 40 eye-catchy modes for differentiating you among others. The change in pattern is simple three step process. This process has to be done quickly without any halts.

      • Push the stock bike indicator switch to extreme left
      • Immediately, Push the indicator switch to extreme right
      • Bring the indicator switch to normal position that is in the middle and press.
      • Water Resistant Module

        TOCSIN Flasher will stand by your side in extreme biking conditions. The airtight design prevents water from entering the circuit which makes it water resistant and splash proof. It’s heavy premium finish can stand shocks, impacts easily without breaking. Ready to rule highways with your better riding companion?

        Short Circuit Protected

        Autofy TOCSIN features A-grade engineering for inhibiting short circuit damages during sudden pump of current. It perfectly works at 20mA current enabling zero battery drainage even after prolonged use.

        Detailed Description:

        • Compatible with all KTM Bikes: A perfect upgrade for all KTM bikes with LED indicators (Excluding DUKE 125 & DUKE 200 2019 Model)– KTM 200 Duke, KTM 390 Duke, KTM RC 200, KTM 250 Duke, KTM RC 390, KTM 790 Duke, KTM 390 Adventure, KTM 1050 Adventure. Now get set to surpass other riders with our Tocsin KTM indicator flasher!


        • 6 Months Warranty: Autofy Tocsin KTM Flasher indicator blinker comes with 6 Months manufacturer’s warranty, now ride highways, mountains, Off-roads with no worries as we have you covered.


        • Plug & Play Installation: Tocsin features a Plug & Play Connector to directly attach to your KTM Stock Flasher socket avoiding issues of cutting/ slicing wire. Extra pattern change press button on KTM flasher module for easy switching between 40 patterns.
        • Advance Features: Tocsin comes with 100% sealed waterproof cabinet so that you can ride in rains with no frets. Autofy indicator blinker has 40 different patterns for ruling the road with this KTM Flasher. Indicator flasher for all KTM Auto Cuts as you on give Turn Signal, Pattern Save functionality in this indicator blinker saves the last pattern in which indicators were flashing, Extra pattern change button on flasher, multiple diodes embedded on KTM flasher for rendering Short Circuit Protection, Flasher cabinet is shockproof & durable that can handle extreme riding conditions with full ease, No extra ON/OFF switch required in this indicator blinker as Tocsin is plug & play.
        • Technical Specifications Tocsin KTM flasher works nonstop giving Output/Load of 15W with an operating voltage of 12V. This KTM indicator blinker can flash your KTM indicators for days on a fully charged battery as this KTM indicator flasher causes zero battery drainage making it a perfect KTM indicator flasher for all KTM bikes.