• Road Gods Triton X1 75Ltr Saddlebag with Capsule Rain Cover

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    The Triton X1

    Disruption is here .  

    The Triton S series was a huge success . It redefined the standards of Moto Luggage and exceeded the expectations of our users . It was such a success that it was eventually acquired by Royal Enfield for their own product lineup.

    We are highly grateful for the immense love shown by the riders. This is what drives us forward.
    We regret having kept a long-long list of riders waiting for their Triton, after it was discountinued . 

    Reinventing such a successful product is a very tough job. But we've worked really hard at it . 

    And after a lot of reinvention, prototypes and feedback from our community of riders, we are glad to announce - The Triton X2.

    The next in the series of disruptions from RoadGods.