• RoadGods Triton X2 - 50Ltr Saddlebag with Capsule Rain Cover

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    • Highly Water Resistant - Multiple level rain protection.
      • Seam-sealed Dry Pack,
      • Intuitively designed hood provides weather protection 
      • TRITON comes with a rain cover for extreme weather conditions 
    • Triple Locking Connecting System - the Connecting straps lock at three levels. 
    • The Connecting straps come in two sizes including Regular size and saddle stay.
    • The Connecting System comes with a padded topconsidering the comfort of the Pillion 
    • The Mounting system secures the saddle at Three Crucial Points to ensure stability 
    • The Saddle comes with a Removable Drypack to accommodate ease of access without demounting the saddle from the Motorcycle. 
    • The Saddle has two quick-access pockets and one water bottle compartment that can hold two bottles.
    • The main compartment consists of Compression Straps to compress the content and prevent the bag from sagging. 
    • The Top of the hood consists of a pair of straps to hold various travel essentials. 
    • Reflective Branding on the back.