• Moody The Rider Status Bike Light

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    • EMERGENCY BRAKE INDICATION: This is no ordinary brake light. It is embedded with advanced motion sensing technology which automatically detects actual braking and gives true emergency brake indication. This alerts the traffic behind the rider by quickly drawing attention towards it and indicates that rider is stopping. This feature gives the riders an additional level of safety by preventing accidents.
    • MESSAGE DISPLAY: This device consists of 7 x 16 LEDs which form a beautiful dot matrix display. It allows users to display rolling messages on the device. It supports alpha numeric as well as some special characters.
    • MOBILE APP: A free mobile app is also available for both Android & iPhone users which allow you to customize the device as required. Through the App, users can program three different messages up to 47 characters each. Features such as rolling speed and bold font style are also available. Tilt and Brake sensitivity can also be further fine tuned (if required) as per your requirement.
    • VIBRATION EQUALIZER: This real time animated graphic senses vibrations of the bike engine as well as road conditions and simulates an equalizer on the display. This is really eye catchy and super responsive, making you a star attraction on the road.
    • INSTALLATION & PROOFING: Super easy to install, taking only a couple of minutes. Only two connections are required to connect and power the device. This device runs perfectly with 12V DC and consumes very low power. This device is also capable of orienting its display depending on its position. This device is water, dust and shock proof, rigorously tested under harsh conditions.