• SMK Stellar unicolour Black Matt

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    SMK Stellar Unicolour, integral helmet

    The SMK Stellar is the ideal example of the advantages of the world's largest helmet manufacturer SMK. Thanks to the low production costs, the large stock and the Italian design, you can buy a high-quality helmet at a reasonable price.

    Unique in the world!

    The Stellar has 2 different sizes of helmet shells, unique in this price range! The helmet is also aerodynamically optimized, so it is not only quiet, but also relieves the neck muscles, ideal for long distances. And if you are traveling longer, it is also nice that the lining is pleasant and neutralizes unpleasant odors!

    In addition, the helmet with an advanced ventilation system for optimal cooling in the summer, Microlock chin strap closure and provides the visor 100% UV protection and Pinlock is prepared!

    • Aerodynamic EIRT polycarbonate helmet shell
    • 2 different sizes of helmet shells ensure a comfortable and firm fit
    • Antiallergic, removable and washable lining actively combats unpleasant odors
    • deflector
    • Ventilation system for maximum cooling and optimum concentration
    • Visor mechanism with quick release
    • Vizier offers 100% UV protection, has an anti-scratch coating and Pinlock is prepared
    • Extremely wide field of vision
    • Microlock chinstrap