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    SOL Helmet SL68S Features Description

    ●   DOT Approved full hooded helmet. 
    ●   Quick release lenses. 
    ●   DEVS "Dual Exhaust Venting System" dual exhaust system, its good ventilation is to exclude the helmets generated by the heat and moisture can increase the comfort of wearing. 
    • The   chin vent holes allow air to enter to reduce specular fog. 
    ●   The buttons on the chin and nose are removable. 
    ●   head with five air intake, to enhance the smooth flow of air into the road. 
    ●   head with two cooling points, so that the rapid recovery of the brain after the heat. 
    • The   nozzle vents can guide the air to enter the mirror to reduce the fog. 
    ● The   rear of the cap with LED positioning warning lights, can increase the night driving in the identification. 
    ●   COOLMAX lining can be antibacterial, eliminate odor, and dry contact with the skin to maintain a dry state, the company took the lead in the global use of materials in the helmets. 
    ●   double D buckle belt, to ensure that the helmet will not be loose accident. 
    ● The   weight of the hat is about 1510 ± 50g. (Excluding lens)