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    TECZA Fog-Gone Anti-fog spray offers advanced and highly effective solution for cleaning bathroom mirrors and glass surface. With the innovative formula, glass and mirror surfaces stay crystal clear without fog build-up. Designed for glass surfaces exposed to high humidity or steam on a regular basis, including mirrors, Helmet visors, Car windshield, windows and glass display. Clean and eliminate fog with one single solution.

    Spray TECZA fog-gone spray on Helmet visors, mirrors or any glass surface and inside of all car glass surface and wait for 10 – 15 seconds and then wipe gently in a circular motion across the surface to be treated. Use a micro-fiber towel or tissue paper roll to wipe it clean.

    Re-apply as needed to maintain fog free condition.

    For best result apply TECZA fog-gone spray on a clean mirror surface. Shake well before use. When it gets wet please don’t wipe, let it get dry from itself.

    • Prevents fog on Helmet visors, Car windshield, Mirrors or any glass Surfaces.