• Orazo Picus Sports Zipper Waterproof Riding Boots – Black

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    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    • Available in two levels of water-proofing
      – Water Proof construction (Please see video below of 2 hour Water Proof demo for PICUS model)
      – Water Resistant
    • 8 inches tall
    • Velcro Fastened
    • Light reflector at heel side
    • Ankle protection
    • Shock absorption near the seat region (ie. heel side)
    • Steel toe protection
    • Highest grade abrasion resistant leather
    • Smooth leather finish including tongue area
    • Well designed flex points makes walking comfortable
    • High degree anti slip sole
    • Ultra – comfy bounce back foam in-socks (anti-fungal)


    This all-weather, all-terrain motorcycle riding boot is the perfect companion for all bikers – Commuter and Tourers.

    Water Proof Models: Boots are perfect for usage in monsoon rains and while walking in shallow ponds. 

    Orazo Boot Size: 5-39, 6-40, 7-41, 8-42, 9-43, 10-44, 11-46, 12-47, 13-48