Zana Top Rack with Plate Dominar400 Type-2-2019-2021


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  1. This toprack is not compatible with aluminium boxes.
  2. The backrest can be ordered separately.
  3. All our topracks are compatible with Zana Pillion Backrest.
  4. Lightweight 100% aluminium tray to mount the top box(NEW PLATE DESIGN). Laser cut for precision and aesthetics
  5. Aluminium tray is available in matt black finish
  6. Size of the aluminium tray approx. 225mm x 235mm. Thickness 5 mm for full strength
  7. Proper weight distribution and mounting using 5mm under seat plate
  8. Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes used for manufacturing
  9. Precision Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) for uniform finish and strength
  10. All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard
  11. Industrial grade polymer Spacers included to act as vibration dampeners
  12. 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)
  13. Warranty will be void in case of any modifications
  14. Proper shade matching with the bike chassis
  15. Compatible with mostly all brands of top boxes ranging from 15l to 40l
  16. Loading Capacity 10-12 Kgs on smooth tarmac riding. For rough road use it is advisable to reduce vehicle speed or weight carried in the top box